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Paige Conroy


just a human bean

actress, singer, songwriter, friend, sister

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"The Actor's Vow

by Elia Kazan

I will take my rightful place on the stage
and I will be myself.
I am not a cosmic orphan.
I have no reason to be timid.
I will respond as I feel;
awkwardly, vulgarly, but respond.
I will have my throat open,
I will have my heart open,
I will be vulnerable.
I may have anything or everything
the world has to offer, but the thing I need most,and want most, is to be myself.
I will admit rejection, admit pain, admit frustration,
admit even pettiness, admit shame, admit outrage,
admit anything and everything that happens to me.
The best and most human parts of me are those
that I have inhabited and hidden from the world.
I will work on it.
I will raise my voice.
I will be heard.


A little about me


I am an American Actress and Singer-Songwriter living in Los Angeles with my dog, Beesly. My career on stage began as a child and I have now transitioned to film and TV. I graduated with my BFA in Acting for Film at the New York Film Academy in Burbank, CA in 2020.  In addition to acting, I began singing for an audience at the age of nine and writing songs at the age of sixteen. I love collaborating and working with other filmmakers and songwriters.   Learn more about me by exploring the site, and feel free to get in touch with any of your comments and questions!


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